Monday, November 14, 2011

Praise the LORD! He sent the rain early. ASANTE MUNGU!!

It has been since the 1st week in May 2011 that Dodoma and it's surrounding semi-arid areas had experienced rainfall. Well, We want to say thanks to all our supporters and those who  were praying diligently for the LORD to send the rains. He did!! and we are thankful. The 1st rain came on November 7th, 2011. Even though it rained  for only 1 day, but the dams have already captured so much water ( Please see pictures below).   

Our newest village ( Chololo) is still waiting for the rain.
Note: Please double click pictures to enlarge

Clouds forming in Chololo (Nov.14th, 2011) still no rain here yet.

Water from the well pump at Kawawa, Zuzu

A young girl getting water from the Sejeseje well in Chididimo

Clear water (Maji Safi Sana!!) from the well at Soweto, Zuzu village

Water from the 1st rain (Nov.7th 2011) at Kawawa, Zuzu

Children getting water from the well  at Sejeseje, Chididimo

Ed Lloyd helping to install the well pump at Soweto, Zuzu

Water in the sand river at Soweto, Zuzu after 1st rain on Nov.7th, 2011

Woman smiling pricelessly as she gets water from the Soweto well

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